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Help your children with their homework by using ESPRESSO

In order to obtain your username and password, please email the request to with your students full name, and a member of staff will email you back within 58hrs with the details after cross checking the student against our database.


Please do not share this username or password with any other person.

Website problems?  Try some troubleshooting:-

Some android phones are not able to display the website due to their software.  If you download Google Chrome as your browser the problem should be overcome.

If you are having problems with an iPhone then make sure you have downloaded the most recent updates. 

To open emails & documents on android phones, use Adobe Reader or Polaris Office5 - both apps are FREE!!!

Kinson library allows anyone to use computers free of charge, so if you don't have a computer at home you can use a computer there.

Parents and carers should find the web links below useful.