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'Teaching provided to help pupils who have fallen behind to catch up is typically good and is where teaching assistants are most effective. This has increased the progress of disabled pupils and those with special educational needs, as well as that of disadvantaged pupils.' 

Ofsted 2015

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In September 2014, the new special educational needs and disability (SEND) Code of Practice came into effect. The changes to the Code of Practice take account of feedback from three consultations, carried out by the Department for Education, and subsequent changes made to the Children and Families Bill during the final stages of its passage through Parliament.


Overview of changes from the 2001 Code of Practice (CoP)

•  The new CoP covers the 0 - 25 age range and includes disabled children as well as those with SEN.

•  There is a focus on the participation of children & parents in decision-making, at individual and strategic levels.

•  There is a focus on high aspirations & improving outcomes for children.

•  There is guidance on a graduated approach to special educational needs (assess, plan, do, review) and rather than the codes 'School Action' and School Action Plus+' there will be a single category of 'SENSupport'.

•  All schools must publish an SEN Information report.

•  Schools and colleges will be more accountable for funding allocated for SEN and disability.

•  There is guidance on the 'Local Offer' (see the key questions on the next page) of support for children with SEN & disabilities.

•  There will be new 0-25 years Education, Health & Care Plans (EHCP) which will replace Statements and Learning Difficulties Assessments.

•  The new CoP supports developing a process to make personal budgets available to parents and/or young people with EHCPs.


At Kinson Primary School we aim to be fully inclusive, with the needs of pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) being met wherever possible.

Our SEND policy can be found on our policies page by clicking below:-

Kinson Primary SEN Report - September 2017