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The Bournemouth Septenary Trust

Good use is made of the expertise of members of the Bournemouth Septenary Trust to support school development. Comprehensive monitoring and support of teaching this year have helped eradicate endemically weak practice.

Ofsted 2015

The Bournemouth Septenary Trust represents seven Bournemouth schools who work in partnership together.  We are:-

Kinson Primary School

Kingsleigh Primary School

Moordown St John’s CE VA Primary School

St Michael’s CE VC Primary School

St Mark’s CE VA Primary School

Muscliff Community School

Winton Primary School


The Bournemouth Septenary Trust promotes collaboration and the sharing of ideas. All seven schools in the Trust retain their unique ethos, identify, Governing Body and school budget.  But together we strive to promote and secure outstanding school improvement and raise standards for the children in our schools.  


We work together to strengthen each school through mutual respect and team work.  Our shared vision will enable school staff to work together for staff inset and training. There will be opportunity for professional challenge across the schools.


The Trust will also encourage Governing Bodies to share ideas for school improvement. 


More importantly the Trust will benefit our children through outreach projects and activities across the seven schools.

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Around the World with the Septenary Trust


Following on from the success of our first joint project around the theme of the 'Beach', the schools in the Septenary Trust have continued to collaborate together each year with an 'Around the World' project theme.


Across the seven schools, each year group has studied a different continent and has collaborated on an art and design project with children from another school in the Trust.


The continents were allocated to each year group:

          Reception – Oceania

          Year 1 – Asia

          Year 2 – Africa

          Year 3 – Europe

          Year 4 – Antarctica

          Year 5 -- North America

          Year 6 -- South America




The Beach

Our first collaborative project was The Beach - click to see our children's work in The Gallery.


Inspired by the painting “Beach Scene” by Eduard Degas, the combined creative power of over 2000 youngsters aged between four and twelve years old, produced some fabulous interpretations of what living by the beach meant to them through photography, sculpture, crafting, sewing, collage making, modelling, creating mosaic tiles, creative writing and puppetry.

The work was displayed at the BIC in November 2013.


Richard Gower Head Teacher from Kingsley Primary School on behalf of the Bournemouth Septenary Trust said: “The Beach Project has inspired pupils from across seven schools to produce some marvellously creative displays.  Planning this exhibition has been a hugely exciting experience for everyone involved and has strengthened the creative bond between our schools and communities.”


Pat Coyne, Director of Venues for BH Live added; “Being on the beach doorstep it seemed fitting for the Beach Project artwork to be displayed at the BIC. The exhibition is so bright and colourful with fantastic pieces capturing the essence of all that is great about living by the beach.”