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School Leadership Team and Board of Directors

'The headteacher is a strong and determined leader who has worked strenuously to improve the school over the last two years. The school is now improving rapidly in all areas, in part because the governing body and other leaders are becoming increasingly effective.'

Ofsted 2015

Head Teacher

Miss Victoria Bryan


Mrs Michele Lawson, Head of School - Teaching & Learning

Mrs Mandie Craven, Assistant Head, Key Stage 2 and Educational Visits Coordinator

Miss Tracy Munday, Assistant Head, Key Stage 1 & Early Years Foundation

Miss Louise Launder, Assistant Head, SEN & Inclusion


Mr Alan Triplow, School Business Manager

Mr Robert Tyers, Site Manager


Contact for all Directors and the Clerk is through the school office


Name Type and Term of Office Committees Named Governor for Pecuniary/ other declared Interest 16/17 Business Committee Attendance 16/17 BoD Meeting Attendance
Ms Annie Draper Nominated 04/11/17 – 03/11/21 Business Safeguarding, E-Safety, Prevent None declared 5/6 4/7
Mrs Rachael Clarke Nominated 11/03/15 – 10/03/19 Business (Chair)   Director at St Michael’s Primary School 6/6 7/7
Rev Lee Shirvill Nominated 20/10/15 – 19/10/19 Business   None Declared 1/6 6/7
Mr Nigel Tiller Nominated 10/11/14 - 09/11/18 Chair of Governors In attendance at Business Committee - no voting rights Wife and son employed at the School   7/7
Mrs Adele Gentle Nominated 01/12/15 – 30/11/19 Vice Chair Business SEN None Declared 6/6 7/7
Mr Barnaby Acworth Nominated 11/01/17 – 10/01/21 Business   None Declared 4/4 4/4
Dr Miriam O’Hare Nominated 11/01/17 – 10/01/21    

Micron Research Ltd,

Acworth & Jarvis Ltd

Mr J Lotriet Parent elected 11/07/17 - 10/07/21 Business   None Declared   1/1
Mr W Strange Parent elected 11/07/17 - 10/07/21     Partner is TA at school   0/1
Mrs Mel Gillingham Staff - elected 09/10/15 -08/10/19     Member of staff   1/2

Mrs Victoria


Staff - elected

22/05/18 -





  Member of staff   0/0
Mrs Rebecca Rose Staff - elected 09/10/15 -08/10/19 Left school - stood down 21/04/17     None Declared   1/2
Miss Victoria Bryan Staff (Headteacher) Ex officio 01/01/13 ongoing All Committees   None Declared   7/7
Mrs Tonette Clark (resigned)

Parent elected 12/11/13 - 11/11/17

Resigned 13/09/16

    None Declared   0/0
Mrs Kathryn Wood (resigned)

Parent elected 12/11/13 - 11/11/17

Resigned 13/09/16

    None Declared   0/0
Mrs Phyllis Baxter


Resigned 08/05/18

Attends all committees   Clerk - St Luke's CE Primary School, Governor – Bishop of Winchester Academy, Chairman - Bournemouth Music Festivals Competition   7/7



Memorandum and Articles of Association define membership representation on the Governing Body as follows:

2 Parent Directors

2 Staff Directors

Head Teacher

7 Directors nominated by the Members                                                                    Total = 12                 

NB: Terms of Office carried forward from the predecessor school

See Members Minutes 01-12-15


Actual Governor Representation as at 14/06/2018                                                                             


2 Parent Directors

2 Staff Directors

Head Teacher

7 Nominated Directors            Total = 12      



Membership of the Business Committee:

  • Mr Acworth, Mrs Clarke, Ms Draper, Mrs Gentle, Rev Shirvill Miss Bryan

    In Attendance: Mr Tiller, Mr Triplow, Site Manager as required



Membership of the Strategy Groups:

  • Teaching, Learning Assessment and Achievement:

    Mr Tiller, Mrs Gillingham, Mrs Gentle, Mrs Clarke, Mr Acworth, Miss Bryan


  • Behaviour, Culture and Community Ethos:

    Ms Draper, Mrs Gentle, Mrs Rose (until February 2017), Rev Shirvill, Miss Bryan


  • Leadership Management and Governance:

    Mr Tiller, Mrs Clarke, Dr O'Hare, Mr Strange, Miss Bryan


  • Premises - the New Building (group ended May 2017):

    Mr Tiller, Mrs Clarke, Miss Bryan

    In attendance: Mr Triplow, Mr Tyers


Members of Kinson Primary School:


Mrs Phyllis Baxter

Tracey Farwell

Bournemouth Septenary Trust