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School Council

Our School Councillors represent Years 2-6.  We go to meetings on a Wednesday once a fortnight to discuss what improvements or ideas the children of Kinson Primary School would like to see.  After the meetings we go back to tell the class what we have discussed and agreed. 

Kinson Primary School Councillors  have got lots of ideas to improve our school and ensure it remains a great place to learn and make friends.



School Council Representatives for 2017- 2018


Year 6:

Deer Class: 

Badger Class: 


Year 5:
Foxes Class: 

Otter Class: 


Year 4:
Beaver Class: 
Hedgehog Class: 


Year 3:

Squirrel Class: 

Rabbit Class: 

Year 2:
Bat Class: 

Owls Class:


Bournemouth Septenary Trust Parliament:  

Bournemouth Septenary Trust Parliament - September meeting