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Nurture Groups

'The effective work of the nurture group and parent and pupil support worker is improving behaviour and attendance well.'

Ofsted 2015

Welcome to the Nurture Group at Kinson Primary School   smiley

Who works in the Nurture Rooms? 

A dedicated and caring staff runs the group:

Nurture Group Teacher      

Miss Louise Launder   


KS1                                                              KS2                  

Mrs Debbie Shirley                                        Mrs Tania Howells

Miss Louise Launder                                      Mrs Alison Holland                                              

Mrs Alison Holland                                       

Mrs Tania Howells                                                                                                       


The Rainbow Room runs every afternoon providing support predominantly for Reception and key stage 1 children.  After registration they join the group for activities such as art, craft, social skills, cooking, outdoor games and activities, in a small social group of between 6 and 12 children.  The Lighthouse room for predominantly Key Stage 2 children is where they focus on social skills, confidence building, self-esteem and friendships.  All planning is tailored to meet the needs of the group of children.


What is the Nurture Group?

Nurture Groups are an effective way of meeting the needs of children and young people at the correct stage of their development.  The routine is carefully planned to encompass a balance of learning and teaching, affection and structure in a home-like atmosphere.


Possible reasons for attending may be:

  • To support social and language communication skills.

  • To support less developed social skills.

  • To support developing social skills to ensure successes.

  • To support those who may have suffered a trauma in their family such as a bereavement or marriage breakdown and it is affecting their everyday life.

  • To support those who have been unable to make a relationship of trust with a caring adult.


If your child attends the Nurture Room, what can you do to help?

Attending Nurture group is offering an intervention that will support a child to build skills and confidence to ensure that they achieve well therefore Nurture group is neither a punishment nor reward.  It is essential that as parents/carers you remain positive about the Nurture Room with your child. 


Make sure that you keep yourself informed about your child’s progress and see Miss Launder or the Nurture Group staff straight away if you have any concerns. 

At Kinson Primary we firmly believe the Nurture provision is a key part of what we can offer as a school. The success of this provision is seen as a benefit to all the children, even if they never need to attend.


In June 2006, the Rainbow Room was one of the first nurture groups in the country to be awarded, ‘The Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark Award’ for nurturing children.

Ofsted, December 2006 recognised the Nurture Groups as providing good support where the children can grow in confidence as they progress through the school.     


Ofsted, January 2011, visited our Nurture Groups and recognised that they are an integral part of Kinson School and the children benefit well from these provisions.


In 2013 the Nurture Groups were re-accredited with the ‘Marjorie Boxall’ quality mark award for outstanding nurture group provision.


In 2015 both Mrs Tania Howells and Miss Launder completed the accredited Nurture Group training.  One of only very few schools in Bournemouth who run a nurture group with accredited trained staff.